Walnut Grove Community

Dead Frog Brewery

First And Newest. In June of 2007 Donna and Derrick open the doors of Dead Frog Brewery. A year later, as the business quickly began to grow, they moved to a new location in “North Langley’s” Gloucester Estates. 10 years ago the laws around breweries where different then they are today. Building a tasting room in their new brewery wasn’t in the cards … or in the laws. This month Dead Frog Brewery opened the doors to “Brewery #3” in the heart of “North Langley’s” 200th Street Interchange. The laws have changed … and so has Dead Frog. Their new brewery and tasting room is stunning. Warm woods contrast the stainless steel vats and industrial architecture. 18 beers are on tap … they have fresh locally sourced eats … and a huge patio, so you can enjoy their new Piña Colada Hazy IPA in the sun. On their taps you'll find their core brews, seasonal specialties, guest taps, and even some test brews every once in a while. Stop by and enjoy a “flight” or get your growler filled. 11 years ago Dead Frog Brewery became “North Langley’s” first brewery … in a way … it’s now “North Langley’s” newest. Cheers! Dead Frog Brewery


International Justice Mission; Walnut Grove 

Our Future Is Bright. This is Sophie. I passed by here Cherry Stand yesterday late afternoon. On the surface it appeared like a twist on the traditional lemonade stand opened by young entrepreneurs … but there is so much more to Sophie and her cherries. A sign on her stand explained that the cherries were local … really local … as they come from a tree in her backyard. The sign continues … they are hand picked by her and each one is inspected for quality. Cute right? But then I got to the “our future is bright” part … this is so much more than a young girl seeing an opportunity for a budding business using product growing in her back yard. Sophie is a social entrepreneur. For every dollar she makes, half is going to the International Justice Mission, which is a global organization that protects the poor from violence in the developing world. The other half of her sales is going to pay for a second week of camp this summer. With kids like Sophie throughout our community … our future is bright! BTW Sophie … the cherries were delicious! International Justice Mission


North Langley!

what it is like to live in this amazing “North Langley” community. To put it simply...this is such a special place. It’s you … it’s your neighbours. The people of this community are simply remarkable. Cherish that … celebrate that! ***I want to give a HUGE thank you to John Gilliat for helping me capture this final image for the project. It was a special opportunity to spend an hour and a half zig zagging over “North Langley” at 1500 feet. John is a pilot, a flight instructor, owner of Vivid Hair Boutique with his wife Teriva, and a rock star (in more than one way). Vivid Hair Boutique