Thursday, May 14, 2020
By Thorne Maisey Bongers Real Estate Group

TMB Real Estate Concierge

What's a Buyer's advantage when working with the TMB Real Estate Group?

As your Buyer’s Agents, we have one common goal: to get you the home you want while keeping your best interest in mind. Here are things we do when you hire us to be your buyer’s agent.  We see it as our team's Buyer Concierge.

We Do The Homework

First and foremost, there are no assignments for you to complete. Just sit back and allow us to do the “home” work for you. With very thorough market research, we’ll look into your desired location(s), compare current area numbers/trends to see what options are best for you ALL while staying in budget. 


Checking The Boxes Off The List

We know you have a list of needs and wants that would be ideal in your next move, and making sure we tick those boxes is so important, and of course making sure it’s within budget! From the location, to the type of home, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, the proximity to schools and shopping, or maybe a pool in the backyard we work tirelessly to find “the one.”


We’ll Negotiate The Offer Expedite The Process 

As your advisor we’ll tell you what offer to present to the seller. Once that happens, we will negotiate on your behalf, and this is where experience comes to the forefront because experienced agents (us) will save you more money and avoid pitfalls. The best part is, we’ll write all the contracts as well! Throughout the process, we’ll use our professional network and recommend home inspectors, movers, real estate attorneys, mortgage brokers, etc. which in turn will speed up the process of the transaction.


With over 60 years of experience, we’re renowned to get the job done because no team works harder than us for you! The virtual kettle is on - let’s chat! 

Let’s get together for a virtual coffee and talk about your Real Estate goals. 


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