Thursday, April 16, 2020
By Thorne Maisey Bongers Real Estate Group

BC Parks Closed

BC Government Announces all BC Parks Closed **UPDATE | They are OPEN Again**

// BC PARKS CLOSED // With so much beautiful weather in the forecast it is so hard to not get outside, to go to the local parks, and to take fido and the kids for a walk. BC is so beautiful who wouldn't want to get out and explore it.
The thing is, is we can do so much at home with all this lovely sunshine and a long weekend a head of us. Now's the time to get out into the your local garden shop, mow the lawn, dig in the dirt, freshen things up and then sit back and enjoy the beauty of all your hard work.
We have some great Local Garden Shops around Langley that are ready to assist with social distancing protocols in place:
...are just to name a couple!

Go a head and stay home this long weekend, enjoy the sunshine, dig in the dirt, freshen your balcony pots and relax.
BC PARKS Announcement: