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Eating Local In Langley | S01 E02

Angie Quaale joins us to chat about a number of topics ...
How buying local food is one of the best investments we can make for ourselves and our community.
The incredible and diverse culinary bounty in our "backyard".
How to "cultivate" (see what I did there?) relationships with farmers and producers.
... and we "raise a glass" to the 15th Anniversary of Well Seasoned.

Launching the Live Love Langley podcast | S01 E01

In this ... the first episode of the Live Love Langley podcast ... Jorda, Trish and I (Michael) share our history in Langley. We go "around the table" and share 9 (actually 10 ... Trish cheated) topics and guest we would like to see in future episodes of the podcast. Then we finish off the first show answering the internets most searched questions about Langley, BC ... "à la" the Wired Autocomplete Interview.